Writers and Ghostly Encounters

So true, I have always thought my imagination was over active. I had always called it crazy and would brush it off. When I was younger I would always think i seen something. Then I would hear voices. Today I feel the same, I believe my imagination is greater for it because i am open to it. I still have visits from my great grandmother especially if I am doing something wrong. She always points me in the right direction.


A New Day

So what if you could start over? Go back to bed and start the day over? What would you differently?

Today this morning I would definitely drink my coffee earlier and don’t be so quick to give my opinion. One would think I would learn who really wants to hear my opinions and who doesn’t really take them to heart. So today is my starting yesterday over. Today I will smile more, I will try to watch what comes out of my mouth just a lttle more and be more of a listener than a talker. It may not seem as much but it is a start. So today I will be in more control of my actions. 

Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now

In the right now, wow feeling kinda confused. To really think about what is going on right now is hard. Relationships are hard I have been in mine 15 years and right now in this moment I am re thinking about my marriage. I love my husband more than anything and it has become the hardest part of my life to be with this man. It is no longer easy or happy to be home with him. My day is filled with work and other activities just to stay out of his way. I have really tried hard. But lately I am just done with trying. I really don’t believe he is no longer happy with me. I need to focus on my happiness now. I love me and I am not a bad person as he continually states. I love me. Wow feeling better already

One Month Down

Here we are at the end of January and looking back what have I accomplished? My goals for this year were to keep up my blog and try new hobbies. So did I accomplish any of these goals? Yes I think did. I didn’t do the best at keeping up the blog but I did write once a week. So that goal I think  I did it. My hobbies, well I did do lots of pictures of the school dance team and of course I took lots of photos of my granddaughters and my daughter. So ok I did do some hobbies. What are my goals for February. I want to start a exercise program even if it is a small one. I want to complete my granddaughters blanket. I want to …. well I will add something in there later. If anyone is reading this please share your accomplishments and/or what your goals are.


Daily Prompt: BFFs

My husband is the closet person to me. He has taught me so much, but most important how to be strong even when it seems like the whole world is coming against you. Through our toughest times my husband has always kept a positive attitude and his belief in God has shown me that God will pull you through anything one just has to keep believing and stay positive. Thank you to my husband

3rd week

Ok, we are already our third week into 2014 and so far I feel as if my goals for this year are starting to fade. My inspiration is slowly fading. Going back to work and being so busy I am finding myself doing work at night.

So here we go time to get inspired all over again. My goal for this week to blog at least twice. This is the first so I am half way there. Next to complete my granddaughters blanket. 

Everyone keep inspired and pouch through the humdrum of the day. We can do this.